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Oldsmobile: The Pioneer in Automotive Technology

Oldsmobile had been an entry-level luxury division of General Motors until 2004 when it was phased out. But by its demise, Oldsmobile was the oldest surviving American automotive marque and one of the oldest in the world. With a 107-year history, it is hard for it not to make some industry firsts. Oldsmobile originates as the Olds Motor Vehicle Company founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1897. Olds introduced the assembly line as a vehicle assembly method, which made it the first high-volume gasoline-powered automobile manufacturer. Then Olds merged Olds Motor Vehicle Company with the Olds Gas Engine Works in 1899, forming Olds Motor Works. Cars then were officially referred to as "Olds automobile", but colloquially as "Oldsmobile" until 1908 when General Motors purchased it.

Forefront of Discovery and Innovation

In Oldsmobile's 107 years of existence, it has provided the automotive industry with various technologies that are still commonly in use today. You may have misunderstanding that it is Henry Ford invented the assembly line manufacturing method, which is not, he just improved and mechanized the method, it is Olds invented this method and made massive production a real thing in as early as 1901. At the same time, the Curved Dash introduced in 1901 was the first car to be equipped with a mechanical speedometer. Then in 1937, Oldsmobile was a pioneer in introducing a four-speed semi-automatic transmission called the "Automatic Safety Transmission", in 1940, it became the first automobile manufacturer to offer a fully automatic transmission called the "Hydramtic", which was used in Oldsmobile 66 and 68 and allowed drivers with less sill to drive smoothly. Even during World War II, Oldsmobile had produced numerous kinds of material for the war effort. The for the 1949 model, Oldsmobile again became a pioneer to introduce the Rocket engine, which used an overhead valve V8 design and could produce more power favored by hot-rodders and stock car racers. In the 1960s, Oldsmobile introduced the first turbocharged engine, first modern front-wheel drive cars. Other brilliant achievements include first reliable and proactive airbag, first navigation system GPS-based the Guide Star and so on.

Popular Models

After all, Oldsmobile possesses a long history in manufacturing vehicle, it is not strange that it may have built some fairly good models. The last model of Oldsmobile is the sporty Alero, which is a mid-size family compact car produced from 1998 to 2004. Introduced in spring 1998 as a 1999 model to replace the entry-level Achieva and Cutlass. From 1994 to 2003, a mid-size luxury sedan Oldsmobile Aurora was available as high-end sedan. After being produced through two generations, Aurora was replaced by the Nineteen-Eight. Comparing to these recent models, some classic models had also made big contributions in their own times. The Curved Dash Oldsmobile with tiller steering and a center mounted engine produced in 1901 is the first mass-produced car; 1910 Limited Touring was also noteworthy for beating the famous 20th century Limited train to get its name. While models such as Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, 98, Toronado, Delta 88 and so on are still very popular now.

Oldsmobile Parts

Since the production of Oldsmobile has discontinued now, it will be a tough task to find OEM Oldsmobile auto parts for replacements. However, ChevyPartsPrime.com carries a broad selection of genuine Oldsmobile parts ranging from coil springs, sway bar bushing to wiper blade, seat belt and floor mat at the lowest price online. Favored by the manufacturer's warranty, hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service, these OEM Oldsmobile parts will fit your vehicle perfectly and restore its performance to the greatest extent.