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Chevrolet Throttle Body

We offer a full selection of genuine Chevrolet Throttle Bodies, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Throttle Bodies results by selecting the vehicle.

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About Chevrolet Throttle Body

As one of the main divisions of your intake system, the Chevrolet throttle body works hard and regulates the air volume being dumped into your combustion chamber in response to the amount of foot you put into your gas pedal. A throttle body is just one of the many various parts that are working simultaneously to effectively offer the get-up and go you are needing at that time. Some of the other parts that work your throttle body are a linkage and cable which connects to your gas pedal.
When the driver pushes into the gas pedal, your Chevrolet throttle body adjusts a valve inside of it to gulp in more air. The location of each one will vary by model, but overall it will be atop your engine. A failing unit is normally due to a build-up of grime and soot on the inside of the throttle body. Over time your combustion chamber will lose the ability to intake as much as air it really needs to get moving. Other malfunctions can be from a loss of vacuum leading to an unpredictable idle in your vehicle. So make sure you replace a dying throttle body to bring your ride back to life!
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