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Chevrolet Spark Plug

We offer a full selection of genuine Chevrolet Spark Plugs, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Spark Plugs results by selecting the vehicle.

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About Chevrolet Spark Plug

It's a compact but critical part of the vehicle's ignition system, and that is your Chevrolet spark plug. The spark plug helps to complete the air-fuel mix for combustion in the engine cylinders so that you are able to start and drive your ride. What a spark plug does is it generates an electric spark over a specified gap on the plug, and this ends up combusting with the air and fuel which is presented, starting your vehicle. The majority of all spark plugs are made out of a platinum, copper or iridium material.
It's easy to find your spark plugs by just following the spark plug wires all the way to their end on the top of the engine. Replacing a set of spark plugs is fairly straightforward. One found beneath a spark plug wire, remove the old spark plug and reinstall the new one, after having applied a thin layer of anti-seize on its threads. Spark plug and plug wire replacement normally go hand in hand, so swapping out both at the same time is a great way to ensure you have a successful tune-up. On average for best results, one should replace them every 2 years or 30,000 miles.
When it comes to genuine Chevrolet parts, ChevyPartsPrime.com is always your first choice. We have dedicated customer service, and we have a team of professional and hard-working customer service associates ready to help you with any problem you have in the shopping process. Besides, we offer you a fast and affordable shipping. Most orders only take one to three business days to process before shipping out, so you will get the part next few days. Do not take the risk on aftermarket, and choose the genuine parts for your Chevrolet all the time. Do not wait anymore, click it now and you will get it soon.

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