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About Chevrolet P30

Chevrolet P30, as a light-duty stepvan truck, was produced by General Motors' Chevrolet Division from 1975 to 1999. As soon as the first Chevrolet P30 was unveiled in 1975, it had received a warm welcome from venders, caterers and travelling lovers. Because it is both a van and a truck, people could use it to load, haul, commute or transport. Chevrolet P30 is a so successful model that subsequent automakers used it as an example when designing and producing their own stepvan trucks.
As a pioneer in stepvan truck manufacturing, Chevrolet P30 really took a lead in automobile manufacturing industry. It got powers mainly from a 5.7 L V8 gasoline engine, a 6.2 L V8 diesel engine and a 7.4 L V8 gasoline engine. You should be aware that V8 engine was scarcely used at that time. What's more, many other automobile manufacturers even follow its lead in designing. For example, the Micro Bird is a model used Chevrolet P30's chassis in design. In a word, Chevrolet P30 really made a significant contribution to the development of auto industry.

Chevrolet P30 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Maybe because Chevrolet P30 is a stepvan truck, so it has to works as a stepvan and a truck, which adds extra burden to it. Under this condition, Chevrolet P30 may encounter wearing problems prematurely. If you treasure your Chevrolet P30 enough, I believe you would like to know how to diagnose and solve some common problems happened to it:
First, engine stalls at idle like it ran out of gas. Chevrolet P30 owners said the problems often started with the engine, which is far from good. They also provided symptoms such as backfiring and quit running, impact noises and excessive vibrations. As engine often has an important influence on vehicle's lifespan, so once Check Engine Light on your Chevrolet P30 comes on, you are advised to inspect P30 engine mount for starter.
Second, overheating issues. Engine overheating is very harmful for engine's performance and lifespan. According to experienced Chevrolet P30 drivers, overheating would spread from engine to the whole car body. Specific signs included visible leaking coolant, oil getting in the cooling system or coolant getting in the oil, the radiator fan may also stop working. If you could not sure if your Chevrolet P30 cooling system is operating well or not, you can see if Low Coolant Light comes on and check the oil cooler, engine oil cooler, fan shroud, coolant reservoir and cooling hose for confirmation.
For your Chevrolet P30's long lifespan, you need to take every effort to every auto part. Some other parts such as electrical parts are also very vulnerable in Chevrolet P30. Faulty alternator would make you have to jump start the vehicle frequently or you can see dim light when operating the vehicle. As for broken fuel tank sending unit would have erratic displays. At the same time, hydraulic hose in braking system is also very easy to go wrong, once it failed, you could hear abnormal noise and experience hesitant acceleration, you should get it replaced as soon as possible for your driving safety. What's more, wiper blade is also a vulnerable part as it is usually made of soft rubber but works always under harsh conditions such as downpours or snows, and is always exposed to open environment. It has to sway back and forth continuously to sweep off debris on the windshield so that drivers' driving vision won't get blocked. Thus, replacing it at least every six to twelve months is very essential.
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