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About Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Chevrolet Monte Carlo, as a 2-door coupe, was produced by the General Motors' Chevrolet Division from 1970 to 1988. Then after seven years, it was put into production again from 1995 to 2007. When the first Chevrolet Monte Carlo was introduced in 1970, it along with its counterpart Pontiac Grand Prix was marked as personal luxury car. Being manufactured through seven generations, first four generations of Chevrolet Monte Carlo featured a rear-wheel drive, body-on-frame construction. And it had been awarded as Car of the Year by Motor Trend.
The sixth-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1999-2005) was introduced as a 2-door coupe and built based on the Monte Carlo Intimidator Concept. It carried some traits from previous generation as well, which included the stylized wheel flares, vertically oriented tail lamps, and a stylized rear bumper. LS, SS, LT and SS Supercharged were available trim levels for it though some special editions named after people were also available. And Chevrolet Monte Carlo was powered by 3.4 L and 3.8 L engines mated to 4-speed automatic transmissions. Then the facelifted Chevrolet Monte Carlo debuted at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show started the seven generation (2005-2007). LS, LT, LTZ and SS trim levels and new 3.5 L, 3.9 L V6 and 5.3 L V8 engines mated to same transmissions were available.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

With such a profound history, Chevrolet Monte Carlo did make a difference in the automobile industry. However, as accumulation of mileage, some problems still come for it. And that is what you should be aware of in advance:
First, engine shuts off at operating temperature. This is obvious an engine problem on Chevrolet Monte Carlo. There must be some auto parts related with the engine have something wrong. According to some Chevrolet Monte Carlo drivers' experience, you could use for reference. As besides the engine dies suddenly, it could also make strange noises and had performance issues such as hard starting or inability to start and decrease in power, acceleration and fuel economy. If the Check Engine Light in your Chevrolet Monte Carlo also is illuminated, then the Monte Carlo spark plug, air filter, oil filter and fuel pump need your attention.
Second, braking and suspension failures. An appropriately working braking system is indispensable for every vehicle, without exception for your Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Some Chevrolet Monte Carlo owners complained the noisy and poorly responded brakes often scared them and affected their driving. And usually, changing a brake pad is a good solution. Suspension failure would manifest as grinding or roaring noises from the tire area, abnormal tire wear and sluggish response in handling due to vibrating steering wheel and much plays in the wheels. To deal with suspension failure in your Chevrolet Monte Carlo, you should try checking if the wheel bearing is working properly.
Apart from common problems, taking preventative measures in advance is what you should do urgently. Emblem in your Chevrolet Monte Carlo is your vehicle's name card and it could fall off as it is exposed to open environment and any kinds of adverse weather conditions. So remember to replace it with new once it becomes loose or falls off completely. Monte Carlo wiper blade, fog light and headlight all play important roles in providing excellent visibility under harsh conditions, so you are highly recommended to examine or replace them on a regular basis.
The most economical way in maintaining your Chevrolet Monte Carlo would be getting new ones to replaced old ones by yourself. And the most affordable OEM Chevrolet Monte Carlo auto parts could be obtained easily from the vast selection of genuine Chevrolet Monte Carlo auto parts at the lowest price online. These manufacturer-warrantied OEM Monte Carlo parts are also favored by the hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service, so why not start your shopping at our easy-to-navigate catalog now!