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About Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Malibu, as a mid-size vehicle, has been produced and marketed by General Motors' Chevrolet Division since 1964. When Chevrolet Malibu was first introduced in 1964, it was only a trim level of the Chevrolet Chevelle and did not become its own model line until 1978. From 1964 to 1983, Chevrolet Malibu was only a rear-wheel drive intermediate, then since 1997 when it was again put into production, it became a front-wheel driver car. Chevrolet Malibu's life has sprawled through eight generations.
A redesigned Chevrolet Malibu introduced for the 2008 model year unveiled the seventh generation (2008-2012). This generation Malibu came in many trim levels such as Base (1SB), LS 1LS, 1FL for fleet orders), the LT 1LT (2FL for fleet models), the Hybrid, and the top level LTZ 1LZ. Chevrolet Malibu then was equipped with engines ranging from 2.4 L inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine to 3.6 L V6 gasoline engine fitted along with either 4-speed or 6-speed automatic transmission. Then Chevrolet Malibu debuted at Auto Shanghai, on Facebook and at New York International Auto Show in 2011 was the eighth generation (2011-2016). Now, it is available in trim levels such as LS 1LS, LT 1LT, LT 2LT, ECO 1SB, ECO 2SA, and LTZ 1LZ. Chevrolet Malibu now is powered by engines varying from 2.0 L inline 4-cylinder turbo gasoline/diesel engine to 3.0 L V6 gasoline engine coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Malibu Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Anything in the world would wear and tear in the end, without exception for Chevrolet Malibu. What you can do about this is to slow down its wearing process by diagnosing and solve any problems happened to it as soon as possible. For saving your time, here we provide two most common problems:
First, steering problem. Based on data collected from Chevrolet Malibu owners, this problem has symptoms including steering wheel could not be locked into place. At the same time, squeaking, grinding, clicking or clunking sounds may be audible when turning the steering wheel. Some even complained about the rough operating steering wheel that could not return to middle and power steering goes out intermittently. Once you have noticed these signs appear, you should check Malibu steering column cover and Malibu power steering.
Second, problems on engine. Actually, these problems have impaired engine performance substantially according to Chevrolet Malibu drivers. They told that leaking coolant caused engine suffered from misfiring, overheating, hard starting or no starting at all. Sometimes the continuous whining noises would distract drivers' attention while driving. For your information, if you find you have to add coolant more often recently and Check Engine Light comes on, then Malibu fuel pump, Malibu water pump, Malibu radiator and Malibu air filter need a thorough inspection.
You may know the importance of routine maintenance; however, do you know which parts needs to be maintained more? After all, the Chevrolet Malibu is assembled by millions of small auto parts. Here, we will give you some advice. First, seat belt is both a frequently-used and important auto part in a vehicle. You had better get it checked after every accident. Second, windshield wiper or wiper blade also should get renewed at least once a year in hot environment and half a year in humid areas. Regularly thorough inspection by a professional is never wrong.
Quality and price are always two most important elements when choosing new Chevrolet Malibu parts for customers. Here we offer an exceptional selection of genuine Chevrolet Malibu auto parts at the lowest price in the market. Backed by the manufacturer's warranty, OEM Malibu parts from us would be more reliable and durable than any aftermarket parts. What's more, not only hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service are available for every customer worldwide, but also our dedicated and professional part specialists are ready and happy to offer any problems regarding parts such as if the parts you are ordering will fit your Malibu perfectly or not. So, the most satisfying shopping experience is what you can get here, why still hesitate?