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About Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala, as a full-size car from 1958 to 1985, 1994 to 1996 and since 2014, also as a mid-size car from 200 to 2013, has been produced by General Motors' Chevrolet Division since 1957. When it debuted in 1958, Chevrolet Impala became Chevrolet's most expensive passenger model until 1965, also became the best-selling automobile in the United States. It even won Motor Trend's Car of the Year award, Automotive Fleet and Business Fleet's Fleet Car of the year and CAA's Award for Environmental Initiatives. Until now, Chevrolet Impala has been through ten generations.
At the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show, Chevrolet introduced the ninth-generation Impala (2006-2012). Available trim levels for this generation were the LS, LT, LTZ, and the SS respectively. But a 50th Anniversary edition was also introduced in spring 2008. Chevrolet Impala then was powered by several different engines varying from 3.5 L V6 gasoline engine to 5.3 L V8 gasoline engine, and these engines were coupled with either 4-speed or 6-speed automatic transmission. Then in 2012, the tenth-generation Chevrolet Impala debuted officially at the New York Auto Show for the 2014 model year though its sales began in 2013. Now, it was available in LT2, LTZ2, LS, LT1, and LTZ1 trim levels. But its engine options were cut down to 2.4 L and 2.5 L inline 4-cylinder engine as well as the 3.6 L V6 engine and transmission options become the 6-speed automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Impala Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a car with such a long history, Chevrolet Impala boasts for its exquisite technology and well-made equipment. However, it is a pity that no matter how solid it is, Chevrolet Impala still wears and tears as accumulation of mileage. The right maintenance way should be spotting out problems and solve them as soon as possible. Here are some common problems and solutions for your reference.
First, shifting rough. Many Chevrolet Impala owners have complained about this problem according to the data from CarComplaints.com. They described this problem as position indicator did not match the gear accurately, for instance, when you are in park, the needle points to reverse or positions between reverse and neutral when in reverse. You can still notice easily because the Impala would not seem to go into gear at all. Once signs show, please get your Impala shift cable checked completely.
Second, multiple minor problems. On Chevrolet Impala, braking system is vulnerable, especially the ABS control module. Drivers described signs as unresponsive brake pedal, illuminated ABS Light and locked brakes for your reference. Other problems often lie in Impala engine mount, Impala water pump and Impala power steering pump and Impala oil pump. In your routine maintenance, you can pay extra attention to these auto parts.
In order to avoid any avoidable dangers, you should be prepared at any time. In your Chevrolet Impala, you need pay more attention to the windshield wiper or wiper blade. It plays an important role in providing good driving vision, so once it could not clean the debris on windscreen completely, you should get it replaced. Normally, the best maintenance time for it is once a year in hot environment and once half a year under humid areas. Another equal important and easy-to-wear part is the seat belt. Please remember to replace it after every accident no matter if pretentionser has been activated or not for your life's sake.
Once in need of any OEM Chevrolet Impala auto parts, you are welcome to get one from the full selection of genuine Chevrolet Impala auto parts ranging from mass air flow sensor to EGR valve gasket, all are at the lowest price in the market. Compared to aftermarket parts, OEM Impala parts from us are backed by the manufacturer's warranty, which means aftermarket parts could not match them in quality, reliability and durability. Are you sure you do not want to order one immediately as we would deliver them to your door step at the fastest speed.