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About Chevrolet Colorado

Chevrolet Colorado, as a compact truck, has been produced by General Motors' Chevrolet Division since 2003. When it was first released in 2004, Chevrolet Colorado came along with its counterpart GMC Canyon as the replacement of Chevrolet S10 and GMC Sonoma compact pickup trucks respectively. Even as a young model, Chevrolet Colorado still received awards and recognition from Motor Trend as its 2015 and 2016 Truck of the Year. So far, Chevrolet Colorado has been manufactured for two generations.
When first generation Chevrolet Colorado (2003-2012) was put into production at the GMT355 platform, its twin GMC Canyon also joined its production. There were Z71, LT2, LT3, ZQ8, LS, LT, LTZ available for Chevrolet Colorado. Equipped with either 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive system, Chevrolet Colorado then was powered by engines ranging from 2.5 L 116 horsepower inline 4-cylinder engine to 5.3 L 300 horsepower V8 engine coupled with either 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. In 2011, Cadillac introduced second generation Colorado (2012-present) in regular cab, extended cab and crew cab at the Bangkok Motor Show. However, the U.S. version was not unveiled until the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. It was offered Base, WT, LT, Z71, and ZR2 trim levels in United States. Now equipped with either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive system, Chevrolet Colorado gets powers from engines varying from 2.4 L inline 4-cylinder gasoline/ethanol engine to 3.6 L V6 gasoline engine mated to 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmission as well as the 6-speed automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Colorado Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Even as a compact truck, the main job for Chevrolet Colorado is still to load heavy items transporting for a long distance no matter what road conditions are. While just because of its work properties, some auto parts in it would wear earlier than others. But anyway, wearing parts would bring problems:
First, engine misfires and Check Engine Light is on. This engine problem is most complained by Chevrolet Colorado owners based on the data collected from CarComplaints.com. They have described this problem in details besides misfiring and illuminated Check Engine Light, rough idling, hesitant acceleration, rattling sounds from the engine while idling and excessive vibrations troubled them a lot as well. In fact, Colorado body control module, Colorado engine mount and Colorado timing chain guide if get checked, problems could be solved well.
Second, very sluggish and starts chugging. According to experienced Chevrolet Colorado owners especially those who have technical background, they told the suspension and transmission system are easy to fail. Signs such as steering to sides unintentionally because of sluggish handling, noises from tire wear and abnormal tire wear could prove Colorado steering knuckle, Colorado front cross-member and Colorado wheel bearing in suspension system are faulty. As for difficulty shifting could be attributed to a broken Colorado shift cable.
However, it is never too much in maintaining your Chevrolet Colorado, after all, it is a giant item assembled by millions of little auto parts. To save your time and energy because some auto parts in Chevrolet Colorado would last for the same long time as its lifespan, you can focus on some parts that go wear more easily. Windshield wiper or wiper blade are used mostly under harsh conditions and extreme weathers such as windy, heavy rain and sandy, which means it is subject to wear more often. And seat belt is mostly used in collision or sudden movement, so you should also get it replaced after every accident.
Once you need any OEM Chevrolet Colorado auto parts as you know they are best for your beloved vehicle, you can try searching from our vast selection of genuine Chevrolet Colorado auto parts ranging from secondary air injection pump to door handle. All OEM Colorado parts are backed by the manufacturers' warranty and available at the lowest price in the market. You won't want to miss us as you also could return the parts when you do not need them any more without any hassle and get the parts at your door step in the shortest time! So, why not start your shopping now?