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About Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTS, as a mid-size luxury and executive car, has been produced by General Motors' Cadillac Division since 2002. When it was first introduced in 2002 as a 2003 model, Cadillac CTS was designed to replace the Cadillac Catera. Up to today, Cadillac CTS's production lifespan has sprawled for three generations covering 15 years. As a model manufactured on GM Sigma platform, Cadillac CTS has been on Car and Driver's 10 Best list for several times, also awarded as Motor Trend's Car of the Year as many as six times. Other obtained awards are too numerous to mention one by one.
In January 2007, GM introduced the second-generation Cadillac CTS (2008-2014) at the North American International Auto show. First, it only had sedan model, then in late 2009, a 5-door station wagon was introduced as a 2010 model and in August 2010, a 2-door coupé was added for 2011 model year. CTS had engine options varying from 3.0 L V6 gasoline engine to 6.2 L V8 supercharged gasoline engine, all engines were coupled with 6-speed automatic or manual transmissions. Then on March 26, 2013, the third-generation CTS (2014-present) was unveiled. However, it now only offers 4-door sedan in CTS Vsport and CTS-V trim levels. Now, Cadillac CTS is powered by 2.0 L inline 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline, 3.6 L V6 gasoline, 3.6 L V6 Twin-turbocharged gasoline and 6.2 L V8 supercharged gasoline engines attached to 6-speed or 8-speed automatic transmissions.

Cadillac CTS Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though as a luxury car, Cadillac CTS may have been equipped with many advanced and well-made auto parts, however, no matter how exquisite these auto parts are, they could not withstand the years of wearing. In order to let your Cadillac CTS has a longer lifespan, you had better learn some common problems may happen to it just in case.
First, out-of-order braking system. I believe no one could deny the importance of braking system as it is a lifesaver sometimes. Cadillac CTS owners have complained that noisy brakes and vibrated brake pedals raised concern when braking. Other symptoms such as poor responded brakes may get them into car accidents, which would endanger their lives. In order not to take any risk while driving, you are highly suggested to inspect the CTS brake disc, CTS brake pad in the braking system.
Second, engine failure and other minor troubles. Engine failure sometimes could be regarded as the omen of your Cadillac CTS is failing. Based on Cadillac CTS drivers' experience, faulty fuel pump would give out whining noises and impair engine performance including hard or inability to start the vehicle, misfiring, stalling or rough idling may happen either. If you feel the CTS is hesitated when accelerating or Check Engine Light is illuminated, you can also try checking the throttle body and body control module except the fuel pump.
In order to enjoy the pleasure brought by the luxurious and executive Cadillac CTS for a long time, you still have a lot to do. For example, headlight on it would dim or flicker after used long or much, not only for driving safety but also for the impressive appearance of your Cadillac CTS, you need get it maintained regularly. Windshield wiper or wiper blade also should get equal attention as it is also helpful in providing open driving vision. As for wheel cover that acts as a defender for any debris on wheels, it is very important for your CTS's smooth riding.
However, when faced with get new auto parts replacement, nothing is better than OEM Cadillac CTS auto parts. We carry a wide range of OEM Cadillac CTS auto parts including catalytic converter, shock absorber and so on. All genuine Cadillac CTS auto parts from us are backed by the manufacturer's warranty and sold at the lowest price in the market. We know what you need and you cannot miss.