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      1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
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                                            Parts found for 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo > Body Mounting, Air Conditioning, Audio/Entertainment > A/C Control System Vacuum

                                            Part No. Part Description Req
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                                            BOLT, Fuel Tank Evaporator/Purge Control
                                            BOLT, A.C. CONTROL VACUUM TANK (3.682)
                                            -- --


                                            CABLE, Outside Air Control
                                            CABLE, TEMPERATURE CONTROL
                                            -- --
                                            TANK, A/C Vacuum and Temperature Make Sure These Fit


                                            TANK, A.C. VACUUM
                                            $17.38 $31.08
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                                            TANK, A.C. VACUUM
                                            -- --


                                            TUBE, A/C Refrigerant (All Metal)
                                            TUBE, A.C. EVAP
                                            -- --
                                            Standard Parts Make Sure These Fit


                                            CAP, VACUUM FITTING (5/32")
                                            $4.83 $7.58
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                                            HOSE, (7/32X25 ROLL)(CUT AS REQUIRED)
                                            $27.47 --
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                                            HOSE, (CUT AS REQUIRED)
                                            $27.47 --
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                                            NUT, SPECIAL PUSH-ON TYPE A (M3.6X11.23) PHOSPHATE
                                            $0.46 $0.82
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                                            RETAINER, PLASTIC 7" ADJUST STRAP
                                            $0.76 $1.19
                                            Add to Cart


                                            RETAINER, PLASTIC 7" ADJUSTABLE STRAP
                                            $0.76 $1.19
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                                            SCREW, HEX WASHER HEAD TAP (M4.2X1.41X25) ZC
                                            $0.60 $0.95
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